Steps towards the future of L&D

2 things occurred earlier this week that made me smile. First was a presentation of Kasper Spiro, CEO of Easygenerator and a personal friend. He demonstrated the new web based version of Easygenerator, an elearning authoring tool. The second was a meeting with a client, a large energy company, where ... Read more »

3 different visions on Learning & Development?

I always find it interesting to participate (or experience) discussions on the difference between a vision and a strategy. In my context I always see a vision as a description of the desired end state, and a strategy as the way (or plan if you prefer) to get there. At ... Read more »

Why learning & development?

For most of us (all of us?) working in the L&D domain, it is natural to assume that workforces will always be trained, and L&D will be there to develop en deploy the training programs. But what if you look at L&D from a ... Read more »

What is a strategic transformation?

One of the classic textbook definitions of (business/corporate) strategy describes a strategy as follows: "Strategy is the pattern of decisions (..) that determines and reveals (..) objectives, purposes, or goals, produces the principal policies and plans for achieving (..) goals, and defines the range of business (..) to pursue, the kind of (..) organization ... Read more »

The case for a learning transformation

According to the wiktionary the word transformation (or rather the verb 'to transform') means:"To change greatly the appearance or form of....". For me the key word here is 'greatly'. It's not about a minor change. Transformation for me describes a more fundamental, if not radical, change. Learning and development ... Read more »